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04 March 2012 @ 10:36 am

So yesterday at 2 AM, my parents woke me up and told me that the sliding glass doors that lead to our terrace were left wide open. No one can seem to remember leaving them that way, which left us wondering if some stranger forced them open or if they were left that way all along and no one noticed and bothered to close them. We did a quick check to make sure nothing was missing or misplaced and then they had to catch a flight at 4 AM to Cagayan de Oro… so they left me all by my lonesome in the house for the weekend.

Which is why I have barricaded myself in my room for the second night in a row with enough food, water, internet and books (enough for both distraction and protection. I have a few hardcover books that can pack a punch) to last me until the morning. We do have a security guard that is roaming the area but the property stretches pretty far back and it’s not like he can be in two places at the same time so I’m taking the extra precaution. And that other extra precaution that involved me searching the house with the dog, making sure no one hid in any corners or underneath any beds. I’d like to thank my TV shows for sharpening myparanoia vigilance. Also my friends have been very kind with keeping me company and calming me down when I needed it, especially since this is probably just my imagination running loose. Normally I’m pretty good about being left alone like this, though right now I can’t wait for my parents to finally come home so I don’t feel so jumpy about being alone in the house.

Really at the end of it all: American Horror Story, I blame you for all of this. 

29 February 2012 @ 10:07 pm
SUMMER, DEAR LORD. Give a girl some warning before you come wandering into her life all unannounced  and humid like this. February has barely ended and already I've been breaking out the air-conditioning during the afternoons because this heat is getting ridiculous. The early onset of summer only gives me one thing to be grateful for is that it's reminding me that the beach season is rearing it's beautifully sculpted body around the corner and means I need to get back into shape. The latter end of 2011 was me indulging in the two sins I do best: gluttony and sloth, and now I'm paying for it. So I enrolled myself into a gym (again) and got my ass kicked by the elliptical machine while having a heart attack and talking to coffeebased on the phone. She made for the best distraction but eventually I had to remember to breathe so I begged off our conversation.

Tomorrow looks to be like a pretty hectic day but not before I head back to the gym to exact my revenge on that thing.

11 May 2010 @ 08:25 pm
I dont know who else gets it but this stupid Snickers ad on the right-hand side of LJ is annoying the hell out of me right now. And also making me hungry.
28 April 2010 @ 01:15 am
Aand I'm back. (Again :)
06 February 2010 @ 11:54 pm
I wasn't actually expecting to go to MusicFest 2010 even if it did boast some pretty cool talent (Boyce Avenue, Kris Allen and the Jabbawockiezz<3). The ticket prices were crazy and I had just splurged on a bunch of books so I wasn't up to spending a fortune for just standing space. But out of nowhere,Anna said she had tickets. What I didn't expect were FRONT ROW TICKETS.

Now I'm a girl who usually ends up with standing space every time I go to a concert. Sneaking around and jumping over stuff has not stopped me or my friends in trying to snag a better view but front row was crazy because this time the performers could actually hear what I was screaming lol. The other great part of it was that I was able to grab some good stuff they threw into the audience. I mean, if you consider a sweat-stained scarf and a guitar pick good stuff that is but hey, weirder things have been sold on eBay right? The only thing about front row I wasn't used to was the sitting down. See in the World of the Back Row, you can do pretty much whatever you want for as long as you want. Dancing especially since, I mean it IS a friggin' concert. This is something me and soloproject agree on. I was a little shy to stand up in front row because I was worried the people behind us would get pissed.

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The concert went pretty well. I don't know if the promoters warned them beforehand but the Cebuano crowd is pretty tough to crack, they rarely make much noise or at least compared to what they're used to. Boyce Avenue were adorable and I can't wait for them to make it big because they deserve it. (Alejandro <3) It was great to see them finally break out some original material since all that was in my iPod were there covers. It was their second time in Cebu and they were amazing in connecting with the crowd. But it was Jabba that blew everyone away. I almost lost my voice that night trying to keep up with cheering them on. half the crowd were actually teens and tweens, and when they started breaking out some of their ABDC signaturedance moves I'm pretty sure I lost it. :D Quest Circle Crew and Adam Lambert HAVE to come next year. Kris Allen was actually the one I was interested in least? I was always an Adam Glambert fan but he was pretty good - though I only knew a grand total of two of his songs. It showed that he was exhausted and maybe even grumpy? He admitted the jetlag and the humidity were winding him down but I don't know, more than one person noted he wasn't as charming as the previous performers. He wasn't too chatty either so I preferred the Manzano boys of Boyce Avenue instead :-)
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20 January 2010 @ 11:53 pm
It's Wednesday and I've only just managed to start feeling normal again. I expected the Sinulog week to be crazy but I didn't expect it to be THAT crazy. I'll go into bullet points and pictures under the cut because just seeing everything in blocks of words makes me just tired looking at it.

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14 January 2010 @ 01:53 pm
So I got to host Miss Cebu 2010 which was both awesome and nerve-racking at the same time. I love going back to watch Miss Cebu because it feels great to be part of a grand old tradition dating back to when I was born and to actually take an active part in the production was an honor.

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09 January 2010 @ 04:56 pm
January is coming up and that means a lot of things in Cebu. One of which is Sinulog! The other is the annual Miss Cebu pageant. I'm hosting this year so I'm extremely excited/nervous. I can't believe it's next week so you KNOW that I'm going to end up in front of my mirror at two in the morning with a hairbrush in my hand. If not to make the pageant and the organizers proud - to at least give justice to the gorgeous gowns I get to wear. I get three gown changes (!) all of them loong gowns that I have to wear 5 inches in if I don't want to end up falling flat on my face.

One of the fun things I got to do this month was a photoshoot with Kris Janson, Miss Cebu 2010 who makes all photoshoots fun. But the highlight of the photoshoot was definitely hanging out with Rain, Queen of Cebu 2009. She was crowned last year and beat everyone else as the first transgender queen of Cebu. Not only does she eat,live,breathe beauty pageants, she gave excellent advice and pretty much out-girled both me and Kris. She is the epitome of Grace I tell you. She even managed to go abroad to compete. I have a sort of girlcrush on her.

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28 December 2009 @ 12:52 am
Sleeping away the hard work at Invierno and whatnot. Working out restarts TOMORROW!
21 December 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Van arrived home yesterday and it feels good to have everyone home for the holidays. We even managed to coax both Dad and V out of bed this morning and went to the Aguinaldo Mass together (Day 5!Yay!). Which meant all of us splurging on the pamainit stalls right outside our favorite church. We came home with bags full of kuchinta,carabao cheese,ube,puto ug sikwati and other little goodies to munch the day away with. Most of these at Van's request since the house is pretty much empty of candy and other stuff.

Meanwhile preparations for Sinulog next year are looking pretty spectacular. The theme is "Back to Basics" to celebrate 30 years of the Best of Sinulog but damn. The Sinulog Foundation is going all out next year. I know that everyone says that every year but I guess that just proves how they always push the envelope. I received two gigs to host next year and one of them is Sinulog! YAY! Okay so I did this last year too but its great to get the best seat in the house and to talk about one of my favorite festivals. AND to get paid to do it! Last year, 2.1 million people (no lie) watched at the Grand Stand so I can't imagine what it's going to be like on it's 30th anniversary next year.

Last year I had to wake up super early to get near the venue before all the roads closed down and walked the rest of the way. Then for pretty much the whole day I was in this studio giving a running commentary of the contingents that were performing. But the best part was during the Grand Finale, I got to be on the stage with the dancers and to sort of get caught up in the celebration and fireworks. I was way too tired to celebrate with friends last year because I didn't expect to have been there all day but I'm definitely preparing myself to pull an all-nighter after work and to celebrate the proper way ;)

Sinulog 2009 pictures :) I promise I'll bring my own camera next year!

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